Cinque consigli per le persone freddolose

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Between scarves, duvets, stoves and chapped hands, winter becomes a real nightmare for those who are always cold. If you want to get through the winter season without suffering too much, try our advice.


It is difficult to live the winter peacefully when it is very cold. Although it is a season awaited with particular trepidation due to Christmas, colored lights and gifts, once it arrives it becomes the most execrated of the year. Blame the bitter frost and low temperatures, which for those who are always cold become valid reasons not to leave the house, perhaps anxiously waiting for spring to arrive again.

If covering up is not enough and keeping the heating system on all the time either, there are small tricks that can help you face the cold in a more serene way, some of which even have to do with nutrition.

Are you curious to discover our tips on how to overcome the cold season in a good mood? So, don’t waste any more time and read our post to win once and for all your eternal fight against the cold.


A healthy diet

With the exception of the Eskimos, we are all a bit chilly in winter. Who, after all, does not like to hole up under blankets and duvets in search of that warm warmth that warms the heart on the dullest days? As obvious as it may seem, following a correct diet is essential, not only for the health and well-being of the body, but also for developing greater resistance to cold.

This is because adopting a restrictive diet with a low caloric intake, in addition to depriving us of the energy necessary for the performance of our daily activities, significantly slows down the metabolism, preventing the body from regulating its internal temperature.

For this reason, in winter it is necessary to introduce in your diet foods that help retain body heat and, at the same time, help strengthen the immune system. Therefore, oranges, broccoli, cabbage, apples and all seasonal fruit and vegetables are welcome, particularly rich in nutrients, vitamin C and mineral salts.

Stay hydrated

Although dehydration is a condition that occurs mainly in very hot weather, it actually also contributes to the feeling of cold and fatigue. When we drink little water, in fact, we also limit the ability of the epidermis and muscles to protect the body from the elements, as well as preventing the body from producing the heat necessary to burn calories and regulate body temperature.

Therefore, talking about hydration in the winter season is not a paradox, even if with the complicity of the cold climate and the fact that sweating decreases during this period, one could be induced to drink less. For this reason, it is good practice to drink at least two liters of water a day even during the cold months, drinking the first glass in the morning as soon as you wake up to rehydrate and cleanse the body of toxins.

But be careful: the hydration rule refers to all drinks, except for alcoholic beverages which – contrary to the well-established popular belief – are able to increase the sensation of heat by means of immediate vasodilation, but however, it is a sensation that lasts a few minutes and, indeed, after the effect it could even feel colder than before.


Stimulate circulation

Hypersensitivity to cold does not depend only on environmental and / or nutritional factors, but can also be linked to pathologies, disturbances or momentary states of our organism. Those suffering from anemia, for example, tend to feel colder due to the low presence of iron and red blood cells in the blood, which does not guarantee an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients to the body tissues.

Furthermore, since low temperatures also affect circulation (causing vasoconstriction that reduces the caliber of blood vessels), to encourage the body to start its natural temperature control mechanisms, it is recommended to take foods rich in polyphenols and antioxidants. that thin the blood and improve microcirculation.

Green light therefore to cocoa, dark chocolate, hazelnuts, artichokes, berries, citrus fruits, cold-pressed olive oil, garlic, onion and all foods with vasodilating properties. Some spices also have the ability to stimulate circulation and increase the basal metabolism, as in the case of chilli or cinnamon, which is ideal for sweetening drinks as an alternative to sugar.


Get moving

La voglia di uscire è tanta, ma non avete intenzione di mettere il naso fuori dalla porta per paura di congelare? Allora andate a correre, così prenderete due piccioni con una fava! Ebbene sì, non c’è modo migliore per combattere il freddo che una bella corsetta o un giro in bicicletta, senza contare il fatto che una regolare attività fisica contribuisce a migliorare la salute generale dell’organismo e permette anche di mantenere sotto controllo il proprio peso corporeo.

Inoltre, recenti studi hanno dimostrato come allenarsi in modo costante durante la stagione invernale riduca anche il rischio di ammalarsi, purché ci si vesta in modo adeguato, indossando magari un abbigliamento termico o una giacca antivento per proteggersi dai pericolosi sbalzi di temperatura.

Vestirsi in modo adeguato

Il consiglio più scontato l’abbiamo lasciato per ultimo, anche se a dire il vero vestirsi in modo adeguato in inverno per molti è diventata quasi un’utopia. In effetti, trovare un perfetto compromesso tra stile e protezione non è sempre facile, ma con un po’ di astuzia e un pizzico di creatività sarà possibile valorizzare anche il più banale degli outfit invernali.

Da dove cominciare? Beh, si potrebbe acquistare una giacca invernale da uomo economica o un piumino da donna in saldo nella prospettiva di risparmiare, per poi completare la mise con una sciarpa in pendant o un bel cappello di lana o cashmere per donare tocco di stile ed eleganza al proprio look.

Would you like to wear a nice sleeveless dress or a summer dungaree? So, try combining them with a turtleneck sweater and a pair of black wool tights to show off a more glamorous style but without chattering from the cold.




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